Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Beginning

"I don't even know where to start," I mused when thinking about my first blog, then God said, "Start at the beginning." 

Most of my life I have wanted to be a writer.  Throughout my school years I read one book after another, and would often tell my friends, " I know I can write better than this!"  But when they challenged me to do so I could hardly put two sentences together that made sense.  My dream of being a writer seemed to be just that - a dream.

Years later, I started going to church and found out that God Dreams too!  I learned that He had a purpose for my life, and that He had given me gifts and talents to fulfill His plan.  Perhaps my dream of becoming a writer would happen now!  But after four years of being saved, I still wasn't writing.  

Then one night at church, I saw something that launched my writing Dream!  

Has God ever given you a Word or a promise about something?  And have you ever waited and waited for that Word to manifest in your life and it doesn't look like it's going to happen?  Well, that's where I was.  I believed God had given me a word about the man I hoped to marry, an Encouraging word, and I was trying to hold onto that Word, but it was hard to do!  Especially, when that man was now seeing someone else!  They had been dating for awhile but I was still believing God.  However, something snapped in me that evening when I saw them walk in and take a seat a few rows in front of me.  As I watched them talking and laughing together, my faith came tumbling down and I said, "God, how am I supposed to believe you when I See things like this?"  

Immediately, God said, "I wonder does the wind say to the trees....."  I grabbed pen and paper as the words flooded my mind and in a few minutes my first poem from God was written!  It is a simple poem with a profound message and it reads like this... 



I wonder does the wind whisper to the trees
I will be back tomorrow every time it leaves?
I wonder if the sun makes agreement with the moon
If I should be late, take my place, I'll be there soon.
I wonder if the sea is ever fearful of leaving her shore
Afraid that the harbor will open its channel no more. 
I wonder if You doubt the thing that God has said?
And must He repeat Himself until the day you're dead?
                                                 As for me I have to say, I BELIEVE GOD!

I don't believe the trees would ever question the wind,
Forever its singing will cause their branches to bend. 
It's hard to believe that the sun has ever come up late
Since the beginning of time it has never missed a date.
And assuredly the sea must return to its place.
Where else is there for it to go?  Out into space?
What is mankind that they would doubt the things that they have heard?
When all of creation is held in place by the power of God's Holy word.
                                              I guess you can tell, I BELIEVE GOD!

Is God less than the wind?
Does He have a beginning or an end?
Has the sun ever refused to shine
Since He established its earthly time?
And what about the boundless, roaring sea?
It's only a walking place, for Him, you and me!
Now since it is God's word that keeps the wind, sun and the sea,
I choose to believe everything He says!  Do you Believe with me?
               I BELIEVE GOD!

I know - you're wondering if I married the man that I was believing God for?  No, but I did learn an important lesson from that experience.  God can give you a word, but if that word is related to another Person, You can't make that person Obey God's word to you!  It doesn't mean You didn't hear from God, it just means they didn't, or that they won't obey what they heard.  Ok, done preaching, let me get back to my Dream!

After that, I wrote several poems.  I wasn't real happy about that at first because I thought of poetry as "cheap" writing, just silly, rhyming words about flowers or love or some mushy stuff.  I soon changed my mind and fell in love with poetic expression.  Since then, God has blessed me to write books, songs, essays and short stories.  I have Become my Dream!!

To this Writer, there is one thing that is almost as Wonderful as the writing itself.  It's the Story behind the written piece.  Thankfully, this blog spot gives me an opportunity to tell those "behind the scene" stories.  THANK YOU for taking the time to read them!

Be Blessed



  1. A Wonderful beginning! Blessings to you today and everyday, from moment to moment! No doubt 'I Am' is with you...

  2. Sherry, all I can say is you are so blessed and of course very talented. I thought your book and poem both were amazing. This is the first book I have actually read in years and I didn't quit reading until I read the entire thing. Keep it going. Love you with all my heart, Sis