Monday, January 14, 2013

My Spiritual Father

Today I'm Honoring the Birthday of my Spiritual Father & Pastor...Bishop Norman L. Wagner.  There are many things I could say about this great man...but I'm going to let a few of the many verses that God has given me for the Bishop over the years to speak my heart. 

Pastor Wagner

Birthdays remind you that life is moving on
and that time on this earth is growing shorter.
That reminder causes you to vocalize the
Love and Appreciation you feel in your heart
that often doesn't come out of your mouth!

I don't tell You often enough that I'm Grateful for...
the sacrifices you have made
the wisdom you have bestowed
the dreams you have inspired
the correction you have given
the strength you have modeled
the faith you have exemplified
the God you have glorified,
and the unconditional love you have shown.

You are the Greatest Pastor in the world
and I Thank God for blessing me with You!
Have a Blessed and Happy Birthday 

My Pastor - God's Shepherd

A Shepherd finds the lost
and returns them to the fold.

A Shepherd nurtures the weak
until they are made strong.

A Shepherd inspires the weary
by teaching them to war.

A Shepherd guides the blind
before their eyes are opened.

A Shepherd feeds the young
with warm milk and soft meat.

A Shepherd serves the mature
spiritual manna from on high.

A Shepherd protects his flock
while watching for their soul.

A Shepherd is known for his
unconditional love and compassion.

A Shepherd is - My Pastor! 

Thank You for...
praying, sacrificing, interceding, 
guiding, chastising, training,
and most of all...
for loving me!   

Pastor Wagner

For praying for me
when I wasn't talking to God -
Thank You!

For believing for me
when I was completely out of faith -
Thank You!

For lifting me up
when I fell time after time -
Thank You!

For securing my dreams
when I ran from commitment -
Thank You!

For refusing to let go
when I wanted to throw in the towel -
Thank You!

For loving me
when I didn't love myself -
Thank You!   

From A Writer's Heart

Pastor Wagner

There has to be an artistic way
to express how I feel about you,
There must be words, but finding
them is not an easy thing to do.

There has to be Thanksgiving
written somewhere on a scroll,
There must be an epic poem
that conveys my heart and soul.

There has to be Appreciation
published for all the world to see,
There must be an unending book
that tells of all you've done for me.

There has to be Godly Respect
printed out in black and white,
There must be a mega volume
honoring you - my guiding light.

There has to be Divine Relationship
precious memories on hard drives stored,
There must be a one-of-a-kind collection
"Pastor Teaches Daughter About the Lord."

There has to be great tales of selflessness
endeavors like works of art on heaven's shelf,
There must be a library filled with Love -
Your sacrifices documented by God Himself!

Those are just a few of the many card verses God blessed me to write for my Pastor while he was on this earth.  He has since gone to be with the Lord, but his legacy lives on!  God gave me the Best Pastor in the world and I Thank Him for that privilege and Gift!  I also Thank Lady Rita Wagner, Christian and Camille for sharing the one they loved so with me! 

Be Blessed!


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